The Process

Initial Meeting – Getting to Know YOU

The six step process in financial planning is:

  1. Gather your Financial Information
  2. Identify your Goals
  3. Identify Financial Issues
  4. Prepare your Financial plan in the format of a Statement of Advice (SoA)
  5. Implement the Recommendations based on your Financial Plan
  6. Review and revise the plan at regular intervals, or when circumstances change.

However, before we start this process, we offer a no obligation and free first appointment as an opportunity for you to learn more about our financial planning processes and services and for us to gauge if we feel our financial planning services are potentially beneficial for you.

If you are interested, we will obtain an overview of your financial position, concerns and objectives and forward a proposal to you outlining the work we would be undertaking and indicative fees as follows;

  1. Statement of Advice (SoA) Fee
  2. Implementation Fee
  3. Ongoing Service Fee

The Next Step: – You will decide if you would like us to proceed with Steps 1 to 3 which lead to step 4, the completion of your personal Statement Of Advice.

Fee Involved – Your initial interview is free of charge.

Data Collection

We are legally required to ‘know the client’ and we will need to collect from you the information necessary for us to complete your work. You may choose not to provide all the information we request however, we must warn you that in doing so, the advice we ultimately give may not be the most suitable for your circumstances. We will usually require:

  • Completion of a data collection form
  • Copies of relevant documentation eg tax returns, Trust Deeds etc.
  • Authority from you enabling us to obtain information from other specialists (where necessary)
  • Signing of the “Completion of Statement of Advice Agreement”.

Fee Involved – This is included in the Statement of Advice Fee.

Strategy Meeting

In some cases, a strategy meeting may be necessary before we make a decision on the advice to be given. In these cases, you will usually be given a number of options with the advantages and disadvantages outlined. As part of this process of analysing possible strategies, we often use the software package to ‘number crunch’ projected outcomes over many years.

Fee Involved – Usually, this is included in the Statement of Advice Fee.

Plan Presentation:

Depending on circumstances, we will either have another meeting to present the Statement of Advice (SoA) or post / email it to you. We will ensure you are comfortable with your plan and understand the advantages, disadvantages and projected outcomes.

The Next Step: – At this point you will decide whether you will proceed in full or in part with the implementation of the advice given.

Fee Involved – This is included in the Statement of Advice Fee.


When you have agreed on the plan, we will arrange for the implementation which may include:

  • our time for the work involved in managing the implementation of the recommendations agreed upon and most costs incurred by us
  • our involvement with other third parties and professionals (when necessary) to help ensure the details of your strategies are coordinated
  • our professionalism and expertise in ensuring all aspects of your strategy are implemented in the most appropriate means possible
  • minor changes to our recommendations if your circumstances change suddenly and a review of the overall plan is required
  • It does not cover costs/fees resulting from the actions required, for example: broker fees for share trades.

Fee Involved – This meeting forms part of the process in implementing the recommendations in your financial plan and is included in the Implementation Fee.

The Next Step: – After all of the recommendations have been fully implemented, the next step will usually depend on the financial planning services agreed on. Remember, it is important that your plan be reviewed regularly to help ensure it continues to meet your objectives in light of changes to your personal circumstances, legislation and the investment environment.

Ongoing Service

Changes in your personal situation, financial markets and legislation may occur over time. We have retained extensive flexibility in the services we can provide to help ensure your plan remains appropriate and your investments are being appropriately managed.

This flexibility enables us to provide the advice and service that is of maximum benefit vs cost value to you.

The level of service we agree to provide on an ongoing basis will be dependent upon your individual needs. It is important that the level of service is appropriate to ensure both strategies and investments remain relevant. In terms of portfolio management, the service could range from the minimal service level which provides an annual portfolio review, to the highest level of Individually Managed Accounts (IMA). Transactions in IMA’s are considered weekly, and reported quarterly.