Financial Planning Services

Many people now expect to live to a greater age than their parents or grandparents and to enjoy a far higher standard of living. In practice, this will only be possible if they have arranged their affairs to ensure that capital resources are maximized during their working years, then a strategy adopted in retirement which will sustain that capital and their income for as long as possible. This is the essence of professional financial planning.

Personal financial planning is the process to help you achieve your lifestyle needs, goals and objectives through the proper management of your finances. Professional, objective and quality financial planning advice is critical to help sort through the often complex maze of financial products and services. As a process, it is ongoing and to maximize the benefits of financial planning, you should think of your plan as a ‘moving target’ – not usually something you can ‘set and forget’. You can be sure the future will hold the unexpected or unplanned, either through changes to your personal circumstances, legislation or the investment environment. As far as possible, your plan should be able to adapt to change, and confident investors appreciate the importance of understanding the impact of their decisions, in creating a comfortable future for themselves and their families. Allowing you to see your financial decisions in the big picture gives direction and meaning to those decisions.

Most of the work undertaken is on a Fee for Service basis. Every client’s fees are individually calculated. When calculating your applicable fee, we factor in the segments of advice being addressed, the services being provided, your complexities, add a factor for risk and research and calculate the fee based on an averaged rate within a minimum and maximum range. These factors are the main determinate in the amount of time we need to spend on your work and the level of expertise required. The benefit of our service and pricing model are:

The flexibility of our servicing options allows us to tailor a service package unique to your circumstances
Provision of advice and service that is of maximum benefit vs cost value to you
We can effectively cater for your changing needs
Peace of mind with regard to the integrity and objectivity of our advice
To help achieve the best results for you, we often work closely in conjunction with your Accountant and Solicitor. This can be particularly important if you already have an existing close relationship with these professionals and your financial plan/advice needs to be cohesively formulated with existing strategies. For example, we do not prepare your tax returns but we do help you plan the best overall tax strategy, and we take the initiative in bringing to your attention, ideas which will help your achieve your Financial Planning objectives.

Advice involving listed securities is provided using Merlea Investments Pty Ltd (Merlea Investments) as the primary basis for research and recommendations. Comprising an exceptionally strong team offering many years of professional experience, Merlea prides itself on a strong history of prime, quality advice and Mr Brian Nash (Founder and Director), has gained the enviable reputation in the industry as the professional to the professional. Merlea Investments have developed their own proven research software capable of monitoring shares, fixed interest, managed funds, cash, unit trusts and other investments. Their advice is backed by external research providers Aegis and ASSIRT. They pride themselves in being well positioned and established to provide a unique, results-based and totally progressive approach to investing. Brian delivers quarterly market outlook and investment update for our invited guests. These sessions are highly regarded by those interested in understanding the forces that impact on the markets and what the predicted economic and market outcomes may be.

The financial planning software package we use is one of the most preferred programs for financial planning in Australia providing leading-edge enterprise solutions to professionally and efficiently meet the needs of our clients.