Our History

Want to know more about Arch Financial Planners ?

Arch Financial Planners is a unique, boutique practice established by Jayne Graving in 2006. Jayne believed passionately that superior client outcomes could be achieved in a practice driven by service, technical skill and scrupulous objectivity and not influenced by commissions or the providers of products.


This business model proved to be robust and successful through the challenges of the Global Financial Crises and is now more widely viewed as the way forward for the industry by the Statutory authorities.


We actively participate in every aspect of the business therefore our clients can be assured of quality standards which in turn gives you peace of mind.


Our Client Commitment

As an Arch Financial Planner’s client, you are considered our most valuable asset and you can be assured of the following standards:

  • Total transparency always
  • Honest, truthful, upfront and open communication
  • Services of exceptional quality
  • We intend for you to prosper
  • Your feedback is highly valued
  • Respect and that you will never taken for granted